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The Planning Process

Client Centered

  1. Engagement Letter: Establish and define the terms of our engagement and set expectations.

  2. Information Gathering: Request and delivery of information on your current financial picture and any concerns or objectives you may have at this time.

  3. Analyzing and Evaluating: We will perform a thorough review of your current financial picture and begin to develop your SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).

  4. Define Goals: We will meet to discuss and create goals that address your SWOT analysis and meet your objectives (your Financial Pathway).

  5. Develop Recommendations: We will work to develop realistic and actionable options to meet the goals we have established together.

  6. Communicating the Recommendations: Delivery and communication of your financial plan and timeline.

  7. Implementation: Take the steps outlined in your financial plan including collaboration with other professionals as needed.

  8. Monitor: We will establish a schedule together based on your need to meet periodically to address any changes to your financial picture and make adjustments accordingly.